Frequently Asked Questions On Watches

Are the watches you sell on your website original

Short Answer, NO! , We do not sell any original manufacturer watches on our website, We sell Swiss Made Replica of the original.

What Is the difference between your watches and the original

The main difference is the serial numbers that the watch caries which links it to the original manufacturer, The watches we offer has a different series of serial numbers, therefore it cannot be associated with any original manufacturer or the warranty they provide.

Do you provide any warranty on your watches

We give 15 Days Replacement Warranty1 Year Repair Warranty for all the products sold on our website.
Customers may notify us and send the product to us, we will repair it Free Of Cost and return the same to customer.
During the 1 year period of warranty, it doesn’t matter how many times such repair occurs our company will bare the repairing costs.
The 15 Days Replacement Warranty1 Year Repair Warranty is valid only in cases of manufacturing defects and is invalid in cases of damages due to normal wear & tear and negligence on part of the customer.

Are your watches made in china

On our website we sell only two grades of replica watches



We do not sell cheap Chinese or Japanese made watches on our online shop like other replica websites, watches we offer are Swiss AAA+ & Swiss A+ quality simply meaning the raw materials used to manufacture our watches are Swiss Standard. All watches we sell are purely made and assembled in Geneva and other neighboring locations in Switzerland with the same techniques and care that is taken while making an original Swiss made watch, We have a good connection with Independent Swiss watchmakers, Craftsmen & horologists who make, assemble and check each watch by hand before it reaches us.

You can read more about replica grades below.

What does Swiss AAA+ & Swiss A+ mean and what are the different grades of replicas

First and foremost, as we are dealing with replica items, We thought that maybe you would be interested about the different grades of replicas available in the market currently.
Education about Replicas is very important as the customer need to know what he/she is buying from us.

This pyramid shows the grade of replicas, with the best being Genuine Watch, the next best being Grade 1A Swiss Replica Watches (Triple AAA+ grade) replicas, followed by Grade 1B Swiss Replica Watches (A+ grade) , Grade 1A Japanese Replica watches, Grade 1B Japanese Replica watches, and Poor Asian Replica watches .

Hence, the price for replicas can also vary very widely according to which grade you buy.

Moving on to elaborate about grades in general:


The ultimate luxury, the creme da la creme of replicas. These perfectly crafted
timepieces are heavily in demand, are crafted from a 1:1 block from the original,
hence maintaining perfect dimensions.

Usually using either the upgraded 27 Jewel Swiss ETA movement, or the 25 jewel Swiss
ETA 2836-2 movement or Swiss ETA 7750 Valjouix, these Grade 1 A Swiss replica watches have an approximately 70
hour continuous power reserve, which is identical to the originals.

Genuine Swiss Grade AAA+ replicas would come with the following:

Two-tone models use genuine 18k Solid gold
Full 18k Gold models use genuine triple wrapped 18k Gold
Genuine sapphire crystal used (mineral density tests should be used to verify this)
Diamond simulations are often mossainites
Full fledged serial numbers and engravings
Pressure tested and waterproof to usual depths of 30M/100ft at minimum
1:1 block crafted from original
99.9% accurate weight to the original
Genuine 440 grade (or higher) stainless steel construction
27 jewel or 25 jewel authentic ETA movements
Chronograph movements are either 7750 Valjouix, or manual wind Lemanias

Websites that offer genuine grade 1A Swiss replica watches are very few, and far

However you can find them on our website under Swiss ETA category


Impeccable in construction, using the finest materials, A+ Grade Swiss are almost as
good as their AAA+ grade Swiss counterparts. Some small differences separate the two (and
also account for the difference in pricing).

Genuine Swiss Quartz/Automatic movements (usually the 25 jewel 2836-2 or 2834-2 movements)
Sapphire Crystal
Genuine triple wrapped 18k Gold on gold models
Full fledged Serial number engravings
Pressure tested and waterproof to 30M / 100ft
1:1 crafted block from original
Genuine 440 grade (minimum requirement) stainless steel construction for SS models
Chronograph movements may be the 7750b or 7750 movement, manual wind lemanias as well
Diamonds are usually high grade Cubic Zirconia stones
For watch enthusiasts who enjoy having dozens of different watches in different
brands, and are insistent on a Swiss construction, finish and movement, Grade 1B
Swiss replica watches are a perfect selection.

All watches we offer in are minimum A+ GRADE qualified.


Japanese replica Rolex watches are one of the most commonly found watches on the

They are often very reasonably priced, well constructed with good quality and finish
(assume you purchase from the right vendors), come with excellent warranties (again
vendor specific)

Specifications would include:

21 to 25 jewel Japanese Miyota automatic movements
Genuine heavily micron plated gold (often ranging from 7-10 microns)
Genuine scratch resistant mineral or sapphire crystal
Full threaded screws in bands (for appropriate models)
Correct and accurate weight and markings
99% accurate markings


Grade 1B Japanese replica watches are amongst the most common grade quality watches
sold on the internet by most decent replica websites.

Typically, they are heavily stainless steel coated (instead of solid stainless
steel), use a generic Japanese 17 jewel movement. Occasionally, the 21 jewel generic
Japanese movement may be used, but these are rarer.

Crystal quality ranges from genuine mineral crystal to scratch resistant polymer
plastic or glass


Finally – the largest category of replica quality. The ‘asian’ replica.

This term is often misunderstood, and overused. 99% of replicas – be it Swiss,
Japanese Grade 1A, Grade 1B, or Asian manufacture replicas, are often assembled and
warehoused in Asia.

The reason behind this is largely one of copyright issues. Instead of warehousing in
countries where the copyright laws are stringent, and warehousing costs are high,
most watches usually end up being inventoried in copyright friendly countries like
Build quality can range from anything from decent to atrocious, since there are
literally thousands of factories in Asia churning these low grade replicas out by
the hundreds of thousands.

The Asian watches whose origin dates back to the late 70’s are one of the most
popular watches available on the Internet even today.

The palpable imperfection of the Asian watches is the clear glass casing to show the
swinging movements and the common flaw found in the watches is that there are no
screws in the watch band with the metal wrap, which makes itself the band.

They all have disparities of China-made movements, with stainless steel plated and
as well as phony gold plating at times. Even though the value of the replica watch
is not as low-priced as the battery operated quartz replicas, a lot of people can
make out they are false just by one glance.

Typically, an Asian replica is often much lighter than the original, may also often
use quartz movement instead of automatic movement (which is a dead giveaway for a
replica in Rolex and other Automatic brands).

Why are you watches so cheap compared to the original

What you pay for a Genuine Swiss Made Watch

♦Design and development
♦Manufacturing cost
♦Worldwide Advertising
♦Huge facilities expenses
♦National and Local dealer profit
♦Huge exhibitions costs
♦Customs tax, vat

What you pay for a Replicas

♦Manufacturing cost

As we mentioned earlier we have a good connection with outsourced Swiss watchmakers, these companies does not charge any branding costs, advertising costs, taxes or unwanted labor costs, as they are not in anyways associated with the original manufacturers, In short you are not buying less of an original Swiss made watch, you are also getting it at fraction of the original price.

How long does shipping take

Generally our items arrive within 5 to 7 days of purchase for any destination.

When you buy an item, we will then contact you within 48 hours of your order to provide you with a tracking number. This is why it is so important to give accurate contact information, especially telephone numbers and email addresses. If you are not at home when the item is delivered, the courier will leave a notice and you can then go and pick up your package at the nearest post office.

We guarantee our shipping, which means that we promise that the item you have ordered will arrive undamaged, in a timely manner, at your doorstep. If for any reason your product does not arrive, please contact our staff and we will investigate the matter for you, and then we will re-send the item at no cost to you.

How much does shipping cost

Shipping is Free Of Cost !, We do not charge our customers any shipping unless the product needs to be shipped out of India.

What is the difference between a Quartz movement watch and an Automatic/Kinetic movement watch

Watches listed as having Quartz movement run on a battery inside the watch whereas watches listed as having Automatic movement or otherwise known as Kinetic movement watches run on the energy that they harness from the natural movement of your wrist.

It is important to note that with new Automatic/Kinetic movement watches it is necessary to “jump start” them by winding them properly. All our Automatic/Kinetic movement watches are shipped with detailed winding instructions for this first winding procedure so please follow each step precisely to ensure that your new watch keeps perfect time.

Automatic/Kinetic movement watches also need to be wound a few times after they are not worn for a while.

Are all the markings correct

We have gone to great lengths to make sure that our products are as near to perfect as possible. Our items are guaranteed to feature all the correct markings and engravings, in all the right places.

Brand logos, serial numbers and even the specific weight and hand-feel of each piece has been replicated exactly – no detail has been missed.

Do your watches come with a box
Our watches are sent in a simple plain box but you can purchase one of the branded cases that we offer for sale separately if you like.

Are your watches waterproof
All our watches are water resistant but not waterproof; we do not recommend swimming with them or taking showers with them. Taking the watches underwater will revoke their guarantee.

Can I have extra links shipped with my watch
Sure, we can ship some extra links with your new watch, that is not a problem but we need you to remind us about this when you place your order. You can start a live chat after placing your order or before you check the terms and agreements box when placing your order you will see a box for you to add any additional information; if you leave a note about the links there they will be added to your order.

What grade of stainless steel are the watches made from
We use solid 440 grade stainless steel on all our watches which is known to be the best quality to use and identical to the stainless steel that is used in the making of most of the top brand name original watches.

Is the face portion of all your watches made from Crystal Sapphire
Yes, nearly every single one of our replica watches features a genuine Crystal Sapphire face. This is the same type of glass used in genuine luxury watches and has proven to be supremely scratch-resistant.

How durable is a replica watch
Pretty much as durable as the original…

We ship all of our timepieces with a warranty that covers manufacturers defect, or any damage due to mishandling during shipping, meaning that we guarantee that your item will arrive in perfect working order.

As with any luxury watch, care is of the utmost importance. Treat your replica watches with the same care and respect, as you would treat the original and it will be your trusty companion for many many years.

We suggest that every 2-3 years you take your watch to be serviced at a horologist. Have the gears re-oiled on automatic watches, as the constant sweeping of the second hand means that the mechanism is always in motion.

Do your watches weigh the same as the originals
Yes, they do. Gram for gram, we have carefully included all of the same thicknesses and densities of material as the genuine brand has. This means that they will sit perfectly on your wrist, and have the same ‘hand-feel’ as the real thing.

Do your replica watches feature a ‘sweeping second hand’
The second hand sweeps, as opposed to ticking, on all of our replica watches that feature automatic movement just like their original counterparts.

Our watches that feature Quartz and Chronograph movement have a ticking second hand as opposed to the sweeping movement that the watches that have automatic movement.

Can I shake the watch to get it started
Under no circumstances should you shake your new watch!

You could simply rotate your wrist gently a few times when wearing the watch to start its mechanism…however you should follow the winding instructions sent with your new watch to get it started properly and keep it in working order.

*If for some reason you did not receive any winding instructions please contact customer support and they will be emailed to you right away.

If I stop wearing my Automatic (or otherwise known as Kinetic) watch for a long period of time do I need to wind it again
Wearing the watch regularly will keep all its components and lubricants in movement. That’s how the Automatic/Kinetic watches work. They do not have a battery to power them; they run off the energy they harness from the natural movement of your wrist. So if you do not wear your watch for half a day or longer you will need to wind the watch a little to provide it with some reserve energy that a long with the natural movement of your wrist will keep the watch running properly.